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Where we are helping Flat Facts set "ANU" 'Consensus Reality' based on the premise that

1. Realty must be truthful to be useful

2. If there's nothing to hide...why hide the information, objects or gag people or documents or loose emails violating Federal Law?

3. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

4. Don't make promises and policies you don't intend to keep and to keep the policies and promises you do make.

5.ACTIONS speak louder than words.

ACTIONS are PROOF of intent.

ACTIONS are the final judgment of character.

It REALLY is that simple.


New News About Mars:  Cydonia has WATER !!!   Though it took NASA 10 years to get to the image taken in 2008 it wasn't processed and put out to the people December 2018, I am SURE that ESA is funded by PEOPLE's TAXES same as Never A Straight Answer & the Joker Poker Lying club.  Why isn't ExoMars going to Cydonia ?


In this scene we observe the knobs within the northern lowlands (Acidalia Planitia) that are Fe/Mg phyllosilicate-bearing (pink-blue) and small, patchy exposures of hydrated silica (green) surrounding the knobs. Previously, phyllosilicates have only been found within impact craters in the northern lowlands, having been exhumed from the underlying Noachian crust. This finding is consistent with these knobs being the remnants of an old basement of altered materials in the lowlands similar to the highlands material. There is also hydrated silica deposited in a younger unit embaying these knobs.

The Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) is one of six science instruments on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Led by The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, the CRISM team includes expertise from universities, government agencies and small businesses in the United States and abroad.

CRISM's mission: Find the spectral fingerprints of aqueous and hydrothermal deposits and map the geology, composition and stratigraphy of surface features. The instrument also tracks seasonal variations in dust and ice aerosols in the Martian atmosphere, and water content in surface materials — leading to new understanding of the climate.


Why don't they EVER land a Rover in Cydonia the ONLY Quadrant origins legend "Origins: Enigmatic for nearly 50 years and then they add several guesses similar to the same as 'possible inlier blown over material." i.e they Photo shopped it?



Mars had a Nuclear War !!!






Double Nuke Bomb Israeli Infiltration



Take a Ride Down to Cydonia thanx to DJ Barney the ONLY quadrant on USGS MARS maps that has Origins: Enigmatic if the 2020 Rover does NOT land here then:

NASA/JPL and others are committing Scientific Criminality wasting any more $$$ going elsewhere !!!






Until 2005 Only Quadrant where the ONLY word for How the area was formed was "ENIGMATIC" after 2005 they added a variety of guesses but left the word "ENIGMATIC" in Map Legend





Downtown Cydonia Mars





Okay the Ares Face has a cross of lines across the top of Headdress to bottom of chin.  This measurements using Google Mars is 2.73 Kilometers Kilometers with a low point relative Mars Ground level is minus 429 meters and minus 4198 meters maximum.  The line is tilted 153.21 degrees off map lines for longitude. The cross section line from left to right it's length is 2.1 kilometers; with an minimum low point to Mars ground level is from  minus 429 meters with a maximum height across nose ridge to be minus 4186 meters below mars over-all ground "norm".  This should give you the VAST VAST open several thousands of square kilometer open safe landing zone having pingos, recurring Lineas Slip or WATER actually already there .  The names come from various scientists in Mars history and some place from Dune and Barsoom fiction novels.  You will notice there are Q-### spots still opened to be named later once we can get "The People's Camera the MRO Hirise" working on OUR requests for nearly ten years. I have many acquisitions request printed out, waiting to be fulfilled, like political promises NASA promises and ASU word is also violating the agreement between taxpayers and scientists and engineers who had us lobby for call ing Congress to get Mission approved selling the "People's Camera" angle highly.  Then like Hope and Change , instead we were left is Despair and Broke and 20 TRILLION in debt, crumbling infrastructure and nobody is held "accountable"

From a fellow Mars Anomalies Investigator a more PRECISE measurement of the Ares Face for Elon Musk to show the proper landing zone for colony and the amount of space available just above Ares Face.  Thank you to EA a Canadian named Clay

The Amazing coincidence about Ares Face on Mars is that it is actually the identical ratio in length and width as the ratio is in Astronomical Units(AU) for Earth/Mars Orbits.

No matter what system you use:

Top to Bottom Side to Side

Yards Feet inches / Meters Decameters Centimeters  
It will always be in all systems of measure the same frame of reference ratio =    1 : 1.52 
That frame of reference has the diagonals -corner to corner- @ 33.3 degrees.

edge a = 1


edge b = 1.52


edge c =1.82


angle A = 33.3

angle B = 56.7

area = 0.76

Quote:Okay the Ares Face has a cross of lines across the top of Headdress to bottom of chin.  This measurements using Google Mars is 2.73 Kilometers 
I get ~2.78 Kilometers

Quote:The cross section line from left to right it's length is 2.1 kilometers
1 get ~1.83 Kilometers

[Image: 29990766171_11414464a8_o.jpg]


Side 1: 2,784.436     opposite angle: 56.659°
Side 2: 1,831.886     opposite angle: 33.341°
Side 3: 3,333     opposite angle: 90°
Total Area: 2550384.4902944

EA's Calculations are more precise than mine but both show PLENTY of space for a Martian Colony the members of are very much looking for Mr. Elon Musk to succeed because NASA has LIED to the American People about this area Since 1976 and continues to reject People's Camera wishes to image this area EXTENSIVELY !

Landing Areas for Space X & Rovers

Smoking Pyramid Views Below


Smoking Pyramid found by me in 1998 in Downtown Cydonia

.Cydonia Smoking Pyramid  MGS Cydonia Smoking Pyramid


Thank You to JDub for compiling the two 3D images


Cydonia Smoking Pyramid Downtown

Ares Faces 1st Full length image released was called "The Catbox" saying "See nothing but a pile of rocks and tricks of light and shadow" - However they did NOT process it correctly by flattening the data rather than to PROPERLY process it.  This was the First time since the two 1976 Viking Images, also shown for comparison with better cameras.  NASA LIED ABOUT CYDONIA !!!  And just like the current MEANSTREAM MEDIA is lying about emails about how the Democrat Party trashed Bernie Sanders change rules illegally, and Hillary Clinton LIED to Congress and FBI did NOT prosecute her.  The USA Government has been LYING about a LOT of things for a LONG TIME.

1976 Viking image 1976 Viking Ares Face Catbox 1998 imageCatbox released 1st new image since 1976 by NASA/JPL/MSSSProperly Procesed Ares Face catboxMarck Carlotto Processed Ares Face image



 Different image and angle-still-two-nostrils, crown, eyeball, chin, mouth, left side tear.


NASA REFUSES to send a Rover to Cydonia.  This is scientific cowardice and also scientific criminality of taxpayer money.





Taking the Viking image as starting point we finally get to SEE as FLAT BRUTAL TRUTH we have NEVER been alone in Universe.


    Face Morphing Animated Gif

Animated Face


DiPietro & Mollenar aka D&M Pyramid

DnM Pentagon



S P R E A D     I T     E V E R Y    W H E R E  

The USA Government has LIED about so many things.

Since Elon Musk has proposed Sending one of his Dragon Capsules to Mars in 2018 name Heart of Gold I play guitar but not harmonica and can't sing but...I do write.

I ask that you take a peek a new version called Cydonia Home and hope that is where he decides to land it.

Now it is time to everyone to realize you are scientifically nothing but sparks across the holes of your mind.  From one neuron to another across a synapse (hole) to another neuron and electrical signal is sent and received. This what I call FLAT FACTS since when they don't work people have strokes and other damage your brain malfunctions.

Since you are aware the government, MEANSTREAM MEDIA, and every place you used to trust is now nothing but a sham and fairy tale fables you are opening the curtain on Oz and finding it was all manufactured in advance in what George W Bush said was "a time for politics; that's it it's just a time for politics."

At the time I created a blog and video, had websites elsewhere now I'm here with GoDaddy secure server site lock and donation process all prepaid to Aug 31, 2026   It is time to re-educate the America people who are SICK of "politics".  From my first video about 911, JFK, and other government misdeeds I realized history was being turned into Hagiography an the fly. by the seat of their pants greedy people who wished misery upon all others. At any costs.

At this juncture people NEED to be aware and awake before our government makes Earth like Mars. Where the damage in we see in Cydonia was caused by Nuclear war and there is scientific proof that a certain Xeon ^ 129 variant found in the soil analysis ONLY comes from nuclear explosions.


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What you see now is my 2nd installment as an ex Computer Teacher Hagiography_101-Lesson2 Time for Flat Facts Common Sense Awareness Acknowledged









Apollo 15 Mission showing hammer and feather fall at free-fall speed in space














Just because someone is not sleeping does not mean that they are awake. - Fortune Cookie Wisdom








Everything that Did happen and everything that did NOT happen that day some 15+ years ago






Recently President Obama vetoed a Law that would allow 911 survivors SUE Saudi Arabia and ANY other government for WAR CRIMES.  However since the people keep saying that the Congress cannot work together, this time they did and OVER-RODE the veto.  So now ANYBODY can sue those who were "injured" by 911; which the above videos show that every US Citizen can sue the US government, CIA, FBI, DOD, Israeli Mossad ,Saudi Arabia., and other countries can sue the United States for their aggressive "Regime Change" policy wanting to do Israeli bidding using American soldiers' lives so that they can continue the Palestinian Holocaust without condemnation and with US taxpayer money.



Elon Musk is going to land in Cydonia on Mars a place NASA refuses to send a Rover or properly image the only Quadrant that Origins remain ENIGMATIC







Space X explosion on the pad during a test was a UAP attack from either Alien drones from the Moon North Pole Base

SpaceX attacked by UAPs


UAP aka UFO = Unidentified Arial Phenomenon  &  Unidentified Flying Objects

Moon North Pole UAP Base

Moon North Pole UAP Base




Sun Higher North Pole Earth Moon


Or it could be Secret Earth-Based Secret Space Wars between America, Russia, China and others

SWORD = Space Warfare Operational Research Division  one possible SAP aka Special Access Programs kept Secret even from Congress & Presidents



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