Lockheed Martin Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod a DUD for seeing Friendly from Foe

November 15, 2017 by rhw007

Lockheed Martin Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod a DUD for seeing Friendly from Foe

by CBC 60 minutes & Rhw007

Below is a sad tale of government waste by the Military Manning Mistakes Industrial Intelligence Injustice & Corpwhorational Complex of Corruption. While the Sniper Pod was supposed to provide real-time data vis-a-vis high resolution Television to the pilots and bombardiers ability to see in the infrared, it CANNOT see the infrared night-time helmet lights ALL fighters wear and turn on in night combat situations. Our DOD aircraft should be able to SEE those IR strobes worn by EVERY soldier at night, ANYWHERE they go around the planet.


First please read up on the B1 and the Flat Fact that this SNIPER-ATPod is installed on a variety of close air support mission for combat troops taking fire and call in for air support.

B1 itself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockwell_B-1_Lancer

In January 1982, the U.S. Air Force awarded two contracts to Rockwell worth a combined $2.2 billion for the development and production of 100 new B-1 bombers. The 100th and final B-1B was delivered on 2 May 1988; before the last B-1B was delivered, the USAF had determined that the aircraft was vulnerable to Soviet air defenses. In February 2014, work began on a multi-year upgrade of 62 B-1Bs, scheduled to be completed by 2019. The vertical situation display upgrade (VSDU) replaces existing flight instruments with multifunction color displays, a second display aids with threat evasion and targeting, and act as a back-up display. Additional memory capacity is to be installed for the diagnostics database. Procurement and installation of the IBS upgrades is expected to cost $918 million, research and engineering costs are estimated at $391 million. Other additions are to replace the two spinning mass gyroscopic inertial navigation system with ring laser gyroscopic/a> systems and a GPS antenna, replacement of the APQ-164 radar with the Scalable Agile Beam Radar – Global Strike (SABR-GS) active electronically scanned array,, and a new attitude indicator.

The collapse of the Soviet Union had brought the B-1's nuclear role into question, leading to President George H. W. Bush ordering a $3 billion conventional refit.

Though the SNIPER-ATPod STILL could not “see” our own troops IR/Headlamps EVERYONE wears on their helmets for nighttime combat; too distinguish friend from foe.

On 4 August 2008, a B-1B flew the first Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod/a> equipped combat sortie where the crew successfully targeted enemy ground forces and dropped a GBU-38 guided bomb in Afghanistan.

In March 2011, B-1Bs from Ellsworth Air Force Base attacked undisclosed targets in Libya as part of Operation Odyssey Dawn.

WWith upgrades to keep the B-1 viable, the air force may keep it in service until approximately 2038. Despite upgrades, the B-1 has repair and cost issues; every flight hour needs 48.4 hours of repair. The fuel, repairs, and other needs for a 12-hour mission cost $720,000 as of 2010. The $63,000 cost per flight hour is, however, less than the $72,000 for the B-52 and the $135,000 of the B-2.

Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod

The Sniper is a single, lightweight targeting pod/a> with much lower aerodynamic drag than the systems it replaces. Its image processing allows aircrews to detect, identify and engage tactical-size targets outside the range of most enemy air defenses, giving it a crucial role in the destruction of enemy air defense missions. It also supports urban engagements beyond jet noise range for counter-insurgency operations. It offers a 3-5X increase in detection range over the older LANTIRN system, and is currently flying on U.S. Air Force and multinational F-16, F-15, B-1B, CF-18, Harrier, A-10, B-52 and Tornado aircraft.

The pod incorporates a high definition mid-wave FLIR, dual-mode laser, visible-light HDTV, laser spot tracker, laser marker, video data link, and a digital data recorder. Advanced sensors and image processing incorporating image stabilization enable targets to be identified at ranges which minimize exposure to defensive enemy systems. The dual-mode laser offers an eye-safe mode for urban combat and training operations along with a laser-guided bomb designation laser.

The pod's FLIR allows observation and tracking through smoke and clouds, and in low light / no light conditions. The CCD camera supports the same operations in visible light for most daylight conditions.

For target coordination with ground and air forces, a laser spot tracker, a laser marker, and an HDTV quality video down-link to ground-based controllers supports rapid target detection and identification. The Sniper can also provide high-resolution imagery for non-traditional Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (NTISR) missions without occupying the centerline station on small fighter aircraft, and can maintain surveillance even when the aircraft maneuvers. As a result, a second, dedicated fighter aircraft isn't needed to provide protection to a dedicated ISR aircraft, which many small nations cannot afford.

For ease of maintenance, Sniper's optical bed design, partitioning, and diagnostic capabilities permit two-level maintenance, eliminating costly intermediate-level support. Automated built-in testing allows maintenance personnel to isolate and replace a line replaceable unit in under 20 minutes to restore full mission-capable status.


So this SNIPER pad cannot “see” our OWN US Military Troops at night-time. Trillions of Dollars WASTED on a system that actually has MURDERED our own service men and women. PERIOD.

It has happened and will CONTINUE to happen an unknown number of years into the future. Like ALL Commander's In Chief, President Trump (who I voted for ) is keeping TOO MANY CLASSIFIED information from the public. It is one thing to not say what you are GOING to do, compared to the revealing the MISTAKES and CORRUPTION that IS taking place within the #DRAINTHESWAMP Deep State.

I call on EVERYONE to call the White House and say that the DOD should FIX this problem before buying ANYTHING through AMAZON which it just gave a no-bid contract to supply items to the DOD. Maybe Amazon has an optic system for sale that Raytheon and Lockheed cannot seem to perfect so that in-close air-support can distinguish between friend and foe.

5 Soldiers recently died in Niger because the French Jet, bought from USA, could NOT tell Friend from Foe. Why not? Because like the B1b this SNIPER concoction CANNOT see the blinking helmets on every US Combat soldier uses in Night-time operations.

This MUST be fixed and fixed NOW !!!

To NOT do so, every soldier is UNSAFE from its own governmental Chain of Command from President Trump, down to Gen Mattis, to the General who got PROMTED in this fiasco. And that General is part of the #DEEPSTATESWAMP he should be Court Martialed and busted down to Private.

What he has done is worse than what Beaudry Robert "Bowe" Bergdahl did.

Drain Swamp

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