New Videos FakeBooby Ban

Well I became the LATEST Right Wing of "Free Speech" because those who KNOW this site ONLY allows REAL NEWS, not the Fake News of Leftist Meanstream Media. FakeBooby & Giggle+ have made it so that their Nazi-Zionionista-Imperialistic can BAN Free Speech just because they are "not the government"!  Bull Crap, the Frackers won in Citizens United Supreme Court, which is why previous article is SO VERY Important to take back OUR Constitution..

Meanwhile These are NEW videos, and I would normally say SHARE them, but you can only share them with MeWe, OpenMinds and in HONEST Forums.  Enjoy, more are to come, remember I do this all by myself and now Big Government, Pirate Social Meamstream Media Platforms can STOP ANY US Citizens and strip them of all rights and out us in empty Cave-Like loneliness.

FIGHT BACK !!!$9-000-000-000-000-TRILLION-MISSING-From-The-Federal-Reserve-SHOCKING-FOOTAGE.mp4$1500-For-Larry-Silversteins-WTC7-Demolition-Admission.mp4

Resisting Censorship is NOT Futile !!!


S P R E A D      I T       E V E R Y W H E R E   !!!

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