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Started Jan 31, 2017




Lockheed Martin Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod a DUD for seeing Friendly from Foe


Sandy Hook FEMA Mass Casualty Drill L366


Voting NYS Prop 1 Vote  YES Constitutional Convention

man_of_steel_easter_egg.html                        From the Man Of Steel Movie @ 40 min in this is 9 second clip of the laptop screen    10-11-2017 News Follows Israeli Espionage within Days of 911.html      Added 9-12-2017



Jefferson Starship at Suffolk Theatre Riverside Long Island NY


NASA/JPL parodies  as of Feb 7, 2017


Letter to President Trump Feb 28, 2017


YouTube to Jessie Waters of Fox News reading the above letter as interview


Another Letter to President Trump Mars Rover to Cydonia Orbit to Ares Face













Willy Wizard Attitude Adjusters