On Line Dating In the #Me2 'AGE' Match.com & Loveaholics.com of Hypocrisy


I recently decided to try and meet new women in 2018, now that I am nearing end of my 2nd book. It seems when I signed up to both sites in the title; there was NO WAY whatsoever that I could do to get out of my subscription. Match was set AUTOMATICALLY for one year; Loveaholics was a choice for 6 months I chose.

Within 7 days of experience with each site; I requested a refund because their TOS (Terms Of Service)

had hobbled me from expressing myself in the BEST way possible, in each different platform.

Match DISAVOWS nudity, Loveaholics on the other hand DOES allow and encourage nudity; but disallows nudity that isn't close-up. I was laying naked in Love Room for two images and standing next to a poster and pointing to a single point wearing my T-Shirt “Orgasm Donor”.

My beef with Lovaholics is that they did NOT put the images of the in the Love room on my Bio, and ONE image wearing shirt only, they cropped the 'Donor' part of the shirt, and the rest of room I was standing in. They zoomed in and cropped JUST my head and a small portion of the poster.  They also disallowed these images:

Also they have an email icon at the top showing how many people “messaged me”. Yet when I click on the link, it does NOT give me ALL those who were sending me messages; in the proper order as I go through them, oldest first to the latest one. It does even give you the list of ONLY the messages to ME; but to a general Message section that includes “Sponsored Models”. These on-line Sex-Cams that try to lure men into BUYING time to watch them perform self-masturbating and sex play on Skype-like camera only in multi person mode, for chatting and ladies try to plead for men to put money as tokens into their wallet.


For a normal man who actually BUYS my pornographic material from various sites that GURANTEE that ALL models are over the age of 18. So I do not have ANY 'child porn' which disgusts me. In a webcam, there is NO guarantee that an 18 year 'Sponsored Model' would not bring in another person who was under 18 to have lesbian sex. This would be illegal not only for “sponsored model” but also for ANYONE watching also.

Also since I am going to be 66 soon, if I am showing my Love Room and I'm naked, it shows the entire room where a date would happen. I want to let people know and SEE my home even BEFORE they message me and wish to get together. I am DENIED putting those images on Loveaholics. And they still almost a week later, NO EXPLANATION !!!

In addition, when I have in bio I am only searching for people within 50 miles from my home; I am getting 'messages' or chat requests from across the country. Match also does this. They do NOT restrict my search to people within my 50 mile radius of my home.

In addition Loveaholics has deleted ALL my material information on several occasions about , race, eye, color, education, etc. Again with NO explanation, nor any apology. If treated like this isn't a scam; I certainly don't think it is anything else.

Match.com is also matching me with people OUTSIDE my 50 mile area. That is in violation of my OWN tos.

As a Natural Born American Citizen I have right to seek happiness in ANY manner I choose; as long as it does NOT harm anyone else. Putting only INTERIOR images of my home is part of my effort to be open as possible to potential dates on what to expect if they make a date with me. To STOP that from appearing in the Bio area is in violation of their OWN Terms of Service I believe.

AS I answer messages to “Promoted Models” and then BAN them; they should NOT appear in my feed of messages. I've stated before I am NOT at Loveaholics.com to waste time chatting on-line. I prefer phone conversations, or video talks. “Chatting” is simple to make spelling errors; waiting for replies, if they answer or not; if they're chatting with more than one person at a time, or some other reason for not replying for chat I sent. I do not chat on Facebook for same reason.

So when I click on Loveaholics.com messages I get a LIST of people I have BLOCKED from reading MY messages. If the people who made the software, or are Admins, Owners, developers; they have NOT patched the CORRECT CODING so that when I click messages, I should NOT receive messages from people I have BLOCKED...ESPECIALLY 'Promoted Models'.

At Match.com at least they put images more about my soul WITHOUT censoring something except for x-rated images which are not allowed on Match.com.

SO beware with on-line dating; once you've signed up; there is NO REFUND, though it does not EXPCITLY in LARGE LETTERS SAY THAT THIS TRANSACTION IS NON_REFUNDABLE !!!

And that they are charged as “re-curing charges”; meaning if you don't tell them you want OUT of this SCAM, they can pull it on you again. And the Credit Card Companies are siding with THEM and not YOU the Customer.

One card finally gave be a break after paying for something I did not receive. CITI card gave me a card with NO INTEREST for all of 2018 for a dispute with an ED product scam in 2017 I had to cancel that card.


Now I went to new site I found with Amazon Firestick watching porn on my big screen tv says FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP !!!

By the way I typed in my Citi card which was denied, but I went to Citi and chatted with tech support and the card was NEVER run through their system. PERIOD !!!

After calling the phone # 1-877-842-2237 they told me it was $49.95 per MONTH and it AUTO-RENEWS

I wonder, do women actually PAY for their looking on-line for dates? 

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

Another on-line LocalMilf.com recently joined yesterday Feb 13, 2018 and one had to buy 'tokens' to just to respond in a chat window.  Who the FRACK everyheard of such a thing?  This sitre is a pure $$$ SCAM...PERIOD.  Because when I told an Admin about it, they sent me to Another site, and posted ALL my information and AUTOMTICALLY signed me up with that site  See the screen grabs below:





Telephone call to LocalMILF you can listen HERE:


I've already placed a call to Citi Cards and when they will be working on it.  In the meatime after re-directing this Magic Hippie 'troublemaker' to another scam site above, they have deleted my profile from Local.milf.com.  When Citi sees this news update I am SURE I'll have charges reversed, since I cancelled within 24 hours.  They say there is 7 day "trial period" in their OWN Terms Of Service, where you CAN get full refund, but as you can hear that support tech for this site had to kick it down the road to the people who make more money.  The crooked Admins, CEOs, and the "upper insiders" just like the corrupt DOJ & FBI Pres Trump "Collusion" because Killery couldn't believe she lost the "Fixed" election of 2016.  And the MEANSTREAM Media is as corrupt as any on-line dating service I've listed here, with one more to go.   Stay tuned....

WOW that didn't take long: My profile was sent to the Following Sites, and Fella's watch out again, YOU HAVE TO PAY to CHAT, you cannot send YOUR contact information because THAT would take $$$ from the pockets of The crooked Admins, CEOs, and the "upper insiders" !!! And the MEANSTREAM Media is as corrupt as any on-line dating service I've listed here, with more to go

These are the sites that Local MILF.com sent my profile to:



Well that's quite a few that since leaving Local Milf I certainly got passed around within 15 minutes TOP!!! Also NOTICE please, YOU MUST AGAIN pay more $$$ for every single little thing YOU would LIKE to do to even reply to someone who contact YOU from ANYWHERE around the Planet !!!  And you can't even BLOCK until you read, so you even have to PAY to BLOCK people outside your lcoal area if you're looking for LOCAL Ladies.

I swear if the FBI and DOJ got those two lovebirds involved in this; things couldn't be much worse than it already is out there in Digital On-Line Dating SCAM Jungle, or simply put; the Elite 1% running these sites want YOUR money for love.  Love, peace and harmony with the Soul is FREE in Nature; it should NOT be so commercialized with on-line dtaing site.

UPDATE 2-202-2018: I have set my email to BLOCK all emails from Zoosk, Loveaholics, and people from Carig's List who REFUSE to obide by MY T.O.S.  Which are be over 21, send me FACE picture, and a PHONE call for INSTANT voice conversation.  I am NOT, and never was, into "text chats; sexy or otherwise" PERIOD !  I would rather TALK to a person in order to have a FULL conversation rather than wait for internet replies.  For those who send emails who violate my T.O.S. they get deleted, banned, or a new trick - sending that email AUTOMATICALLY back to sender.  So ladies playing games; I'm on to you.  If you're clean, sincere and REALLY want to meet and have the best orgams you've ever had by eating your Vagina Lips; go to donations page and my information is there.

NO DONATIONS needed or wanted for FREE SEXUAL LOVE making.

UPDATE#2: 2-24-2018: Match.com just sent me an email that someone complained about something I did, but will NOT specify WHAT I did to vilate their Terms Of Service. See below:

Below is a summary of your recent interaction with our Customer Care Team.


Harassing or offensive emails

Response By Email (Latrice G.) (02/24/2018 09:19 PM)
Dear 469,

We were recently made aware of inappropriate correspondence sent to another Match member, which violates our Terms of Use agreement.

Unfortunately, if this type of correspondence continues, we will be forced to terminate your Match membership. Please know that if Match terminates your membership due to violation of our Terms of Use, you will not be entitled to a refund of any unused membership fees.

We appreciate your understanding of our dedication to maintaining a site that requires respectful correspondence between members. Due to our privacy practices, Match cannot disclose specifics regarding the email.

For reference, our Terms of Use can be referenced at the following link: http://www.match.com/registration/membagr.aspx


Match Corporate Care

My reply to Match.com was this:

Dear Customers Care Team,

I do not know HOW I violated your TOS's so going forward; why not just refund half the money you took; and delete my account?  I asked for this within 30 days of signing up.  You refused.  If I don't know WHAT I did to violate the TOS then it is highly likely I would do so again without knowing what specific actions I took?


Is my own on-line article I have about on-line dating in the #me2 age.

I had better luck a long time ago with a ad in 7 Days as I've stated before and you thought I found a match there NOW.  No I have NOT placed another ad in 7 days yet; but have placed ads on Craigs list for free and getting inquiries from that FREE site.

I would really like you to just return HALF the money I paid to the same credit card and delete my account with Match.com  That would be FAIR, and would be reflected in a NEW update to the above page.  No refund would also be reflected in my accounting of receiving a "warning" without any specifics about WHAT I did wrong.

Robert H Williams
2453 State Route 11 Main St
Mooers, NY 12958
518-236-6733 – please leave message if I’m not home, 7 rings B4beep for msg
Skype rhw19533

So I am now waiting to see if Match.com will either tell which TOS I "violated" so I won't do it again; or do as I originally asked within 7 days of singing up for Match.com to REFUND my $$$; which they REFUSED to do.  Now I asking for at least HALF the money they received from me since NO MATCH.COM person EVER contacted me for a date. PERIOD !  They contacted me to see that person was not interested and I NEVER sent someone who already told me not interested another message of ANY kind that I can recall.

Will keep you posted fellas and ladies.


Below is a summary of your recent interaction with our Customer Care Team.


Harassing or offensive emails

Response By Email (Latrice G.) (02/24/2018 09:56 PM)
Dear 469,

We received your inquiry requesting information about your Match account.  Due to our privacy practices, we cannot disclose specifics about any Match account, including your own. 

Dear 469,

I appreciate the time you have taken to contact Match.  I’m sorry to hear you do not want to continue on the site.

Match subscriptions are not eligible for a refund for any portion of the initial cost, even if canceled prior to the renewal date.  In the meantime, I’ve taken the liberty to turn off the automatic renewal feature so your credit card won’t be billed in the future.  You’ll have full subscriber benefits until the end of your subscription on 01/02/2019.

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at the following link: http://www.match.com/registration/privacystatement.aspx 

Our Terms of Use can be referenced at the following link: http://www.match.com/registration/membagr.aspx


Latrice G.
Match Community Operations

So it appears; they WILL NOT even tell me WHAT I did to violate their TOS's.  That's simply a SCAM EXCUSE !!!

It is THEFT & Robbery without ANY ability to confront the company to REVEAL WHAT I DID WRONG !!!!

I am getting to think that ALL on-line "dating" services are simply a $$$ Grabbing scam; and I also think that WOMEN do NOT have to PAY for their "seeking dates".

MATCH.COM is a FRAUD stealing money from Men and taking away my 1st Amendment Right of Free Speach; especially when I don't even know WHAT I did wrong; and also keeping the $$$ with no answers and no recourse.

Their answer about deleting the auto-renew I ALREADY TOLD THEM THAT !!!  They should have done that in ealry Janurary 2018 within 7 days of my joining I called and told them to take auto-renew OFF.


Sometimes it does pay to fight back. Also try to keep your gripes going to the Admin and CEOs of company you are with and wish to get out of. Because each and every on-line dating site I've been with; they always want MORE of your $$$ for normal things, added packs, and as for Loveaholics.com they want to keep sending you to another site with cam models who want more $$ to watch them perform on webcams. This is not the getting that “Human Touch” I got when I placed an inexpensive ad in 7-Days newspaper handed out FREELY in my area. I found GREAT success for less than $20 way back in 2014.

Let that sink in, compared to the $450 I have spent between Match.com,. Zoosk.com and Loveaholics.com.

Good Luck finding Loving Human Touch. 

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