Dear New York State Voters:

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Please make SURE you vote YES on Proposition 1 for a State Constitutional Convention in 2018. Since NYS laws and US Federal laws are made for the elite 2% and those people are NEVER prosecuted for crimes, and also never pay their fair share in taxes. They also keep trying to CUT Social Security “entitlements” while there is NO shortage of money going to Dept. of Defense which lost $2.1 Trillion in ONE fiscal year 2000. Social Security is NOT an “entitlement”; it is OUR OWN tax dollars we paid while working. For those who worked for themselves, those individual businesses paid DOUBLE Social Security tax. Our, and everyone who is now on Social Security are receiving our EARNED BENEFITS !!! They are NOT “entitlements”; they are earned benefits. We need to reform our NYS Constitutional Laws in a manner that allows not “lobbyists”; but also allowing every single voting age citizens may produce 15-30 minute YouTube videos that MUST be played during the convention. This way regular citizens, not just the elite 2%; can have VALID input into the process. Also because it IS possible to allow citizens ELECTRONICALLY vote on various changes, we can also propose our own changes to the NYS Constitution. Ordinary Citizens MUST be recognized and listened to. So vote YES on Proposition 1 when voting Tuesday November 7, 2017.

Also the Social Security trust fund has been "raided" by Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama.  Bush Jr alone raided $2.5 Trillion, Clinton raided it to have his "balanced budget surplus", Obama did the same.

Since Carter took Social Security OFF BUDGET, Reagan and every President since has raided the Social Security Trust fund to pay for Wars of Choice, not of "necessity" for National Security.  All wars since 1776  have been "regime change" or Colonial Imperialism.

So since we need changes in New york State's Constitution, there already have been 34 States requesting a FEDERAL Constitutional Convention.  It is the #DCSWAMP that has FAILED to actually ACT and hold a Federal Constitutional Convention.

I've already written a New 21st Century Declaration of Independence if you agree you are free to log in and have a discussion about how to bring this about.

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Waiting for the #DCSWAMP to actually act, is fruitless.  We MUST take our case to President Trump who I believe WILL go forward with this idea and help #DRAINTHESWAMP in #DCSWAMP

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