Willy Wizard's Songs for Attitude Adjustments ANU Understanding

of Common Sense Consesus Reality Based on Fun Flat Facts & Arts





Sore Pussy                                                         

The Saga of Pepote Rouge                         


Big Bad Don The Ballad Of Donald Trump.mp4            



Dear Penis Song                                      




Monty Python The Penis Song




Comedy Dave Matthews Penis Song





Cramps Detachable Penis Song     




Drop N Harmony Sexy Underwear                   





Bill Engvall Skimpy Underwear





Beer Tiny Thong Bikini Wearer





Club 69 let me be your underwear





CM Walkin round in womens underwear





Im Not Wearing Underwear Today              





Bob Tom Tim Wilson Beer Belly Blues





Beer Can Hill Merle Haggard





Steppin In A SlideZone Moody Blues




Bazilian Girls Pussy Marijuana










3 Things Women WISH Men Did in Bed Allana Pratt





4 Secrets of Attracting Beautiful Women Most Guys dont Know





4 Ways To Build Sexual Tension With a Woman





6 Benefits of American Men










7 Strange but Attractive Things Guys Do





8 Body Language Signs A Girl Likes You





8 Things Guys Do That Girls Find Attractive





A DEMON NIGHT Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress the Hollies











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